Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Stash: Lipsticks Part 1, Revlon

Revlon is my go-to brand for lip products.  Their Super Lustrous line has so many colors and finishes to choose a perfect shade.  The formulas are rich and pigmented, with many that are able to cover my two-tone lips.  My collection is the culmination of a year of obsessing over building a varied lipstick collection.  I've tried many more Revlon lipsticks than these, and I'm glad that US drugstores have a generous return policy!

From left:  026 Abstract Orange, 028 Cherry Blossom (Fall 2012 LE), 465 Plumalicious, 473 Mauvy Night, 477 Black Cherry, 640 Blackberry, 660 Berry Haute, 671 Mink, 745 Raspberry Bite, 
750 Kiss Me Coral.

From top, left to right:  Cherry Blossom, Raspberry Bite, Blackberry, Abstract Orange, Black Cherry, Kiss Me Coral, Mauvy Night, Plumalicious, Berry Haute, Mink

I also fell completely into the hype that the Revlon lip butters caused last year.  New product + retail therapy = this:

From left:  010 Raspberry Pie, 020 Brown Sugar, 030 Fig Jam, 040 Red Velvet, 050 Berry Smoothie, 070 Cherry Tart, 085 Sugar Plum

The hype for these is all real for me.  I love the consistency and feel that it is perfect for my lips.  Lipstick tends to dry out my lips, so I do not wear them everyday.  I'm able to wear these everyday with no problems.  I also like to alternate between a lipstick and a lip butter of a similar color during the same day to minimize dryness. 

I have ten Revlon lipsticks.  This is enough for me, especially since I can't tolerate everyday lipstick wearing.  As for the lip butters, seven seems like a lot, but they are a staple and I use them constantly.  I've used up two completely and my Cherry Tart is running low as well.  Therefore, I won't set a limit for myself on these.  In fact, I'm on the hunt for the new colors!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Stash: Lip Glosses

Now I must chronicle one of the most numbered parts of my stash: my lip products.

I have so many that I have to break this up into several posts.  First up, lip glosses!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Stash: Lip Balms

If there is one thing that I absolutely cannot stand, it's being ashy, especially on my lips!  To that end, I'm constantly on the lookout for lip balms to keep the flakes and tightness away.   Here's what I have currently:

From left:  Chapstick Orange Cream Burst, Nivea Kiss of Recovery and Mint & Minerals; Chapstick Chocolate Rush.  Front:  Nivea Milk & Honey, Lip Smacker Berry Peach.

Simply Lip Balm in Vanilla and Citrus

Altogether, I have eight seven lip balms.  (I used up the Lip Smacker recently.)  Normally, I only open one at a time, so I have enough to last a long while.  I plan to use these up or give them away before buying any more.

Empties, 2nd Edition

It's time for another edition of Empties!

These are all the products that I finished during the months of January and February.  I'm finding that it isn't that hard to finish products when you focus on certain ones instead of dabbling in everything.