Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Stash: Concealers

For my face to achieve the flawless look, concealers are a necessity.  (sigh)  However, I'm not usually so ambitious with my everyday makeup, so I rarely use them.  Here's my stash:

From left:  Black Opal Total Coverage spot and scar eraser in Heavenly Honey, NYX Concealer in a Jar in Orange and Tan, BO Total Coverage in Truly Topaz.

The Black Opal concealers are thick and creamy and they dry to a powder finish.  They will cover anything, especially layered.  They are thick enough to be used as foundation, but can look cakey on dry spots.  The NYX concealers are smooth and creamy as well, but they definitely need to be set with powder.  The Orange works well as a color corrector for dark and deep dark skintones.

Even though I'm too low-maintenance (read: lazy) to deal with concealers on a daily basis, I am still on the hunt for a nice one to brighten my undereye area and disguise blemishes.   I plan to try a few new concealers as well as give each of these pictured another chance. 

Any suggestions?

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