Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Stash Part 1: Eyeshadows

Part of my mission to limit my stash involves documenting what is in it.  I believe that if I can see what I have, I will be better able to resist the temptation to add more items.  First up is my eyeshadow collection.

Neutral Singles
From far left, clockwise:  Revlon Platinum Glimmer, Revlon Rich Sable, Sephora Collection Cocoa Powder, Sephora Collection Coffee Brown, Wet 'n' Wild Nutty, Urban Decay Toasted, Urban Decay Smog, Sephora Collection Cafe Latte, Wet 'n' Wild Brule, Wet 'n' Wild Penny.
Middle:  Wet 'n' Wild Panther, Mark Magic

Not a bad one in the bunch!  I enjoy all these shadows, particularly the Soft Sable to fill in my eyebrows. 

Colorful Singles
From bottom left, clockwise:  Wet 'n' Wild Envy, Urban Decay Shattered, Haight, Dashiki;  Wet 'n' Wild Lagoon, Urban Decay Psychedelic Sister and Ecstasy;  Smashbox Cabernet, Laura Mercier Kir Royal.
Middle:  Mark Pool, Urban Decay AC/DC.

I really want ALL the blues, greens, and purples, but I think this is plenty to play with for now.

Color Tattoos and Infallibles

From top, left to right:  L'Oreal Infallible in Eternal Black, Maybelline Color Tattoo in Rich Mahogany,  Infallibles in Perpetual Purple and Bronzed Taupe, Color Tattoos in Tough as Taupe and  Pomegranate Punk, Infallible in Midnight Blue, and Color Tattoos in Tenacious Teal and Audacious Asphalt.

Now that the craze over these has subsided, a few comments:
  1. These are all worth a try.
  2. I think I got sucked into the hype a bit.  If I could go back, I would not have acquired the Eternal Black.  I suck at making it look good.   
  3. Rich Mahogany, and all the other Fall 2012 Limited Edition Color Tattoos, should be made permanent. 
  4. Rich Mahogany + Bronzed Taupe = go-to neutral eye look.

 Clockwise from top left:  Wet 'n' Wild Vanity, Urban Decay Rollergirl, Wet 'n' Wild Lust, Wet 'n' Wild Pride, Wet 'n' Knock on Wood, Black Radiance Downtown Browns, Wet 'n' Wild I Got Good Jeans, Wet 'n' Wild Comfort Zone, MUA Makeup Academy Undressed

The Rollergirl palette is my favorite, favorite, favorite!  Oddly, the Lust and Pride palettes are not all that awesome.

I own a total of 23 single powder eyeshadows, 5 creams, 4 Infallibles, and 10 palettes with 64 shadows among them.  This makes a grand total of 96 shadows.  Ninety-six isn't THAT bad, is it?  Well, I plan on maintaining my stash right here.  I'd like to consolidate my single shadows and a few of the palettes into a couple of freeform palettes, getting rid of some of the Wet 'n' Wild duds in the process.  I haven't played with the Milani palette at all, but I plan to keep it to satisfy the bright eyeshadow urge.  

By the way, 96 is a multiple of 3 which is my favorite number!  I'm such a nerd. 



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